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Solar Energy FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions for Businesses

Will AFC Plumbing & Solar, Solar systems work with our business facility?

You need to examine your property first to see if you have suitable space on your roof of your building or on the grounds of your site. For that space to be suitable, it must be unobstructed and unshaded. Roofs can be either flat or sloped and at any orientation other than north, rule of thumb is that, you can achieve 5 to 10 Watts of installed power capacity for each square foot of area available.

To handle all our electricity needs what size system should we get?

This depends on several things, the amount of electricity you want to produce, and the space your property can afford to use for this project. If you have enough space, a solar system can be sized to offset all your electricity demands. We recommend that business users size their systems to provide a portion of the electricity demand they require, around 10% to 40%. By doing this they can reduce their electricity demands during expensive peak daytime and summertime rate periods when AFC Plumbing & Solar electric solar systems are producing the maximum amount of energy, while still allowing residual demand to be met by your utility company.

How much electricity will our AFC Plumbing & Solar system generate?

There are several factors to take into consideration, the amount of electricity generated will depend primarily on the site characteristics and environmental conditions and your locality.

A solar representative from our company can provide an assessment of the energy our Solar Electric Systems could provide for your properties.

Will these Solar systems take away from the beauty of our business premises?

No, they are ideal for flat or sloped facility roofs, open areas, and walkways. Look at our projects tab to see pictures of our installations.

We will completely take over your project so you can relax and have the piece of mind knowing that the job is being done right.

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